Thursday, July 21, 2005

My new passion...

is making movies.

One of my colleagues and I are taking a short strand on iMovie. We joined a group with two other teachers, one from Connecticut and one from Delaware. I actually joined the class a day late, inspired by the work I saw their group doing. It looked really fun! We spent a day carrying around a DV camera, bothering people to do crazy things, staging scenes from "When Harry Met Sally," trailing people to get candid footage, etc. During class, we've been learning to edit in iMovie (it's quite easy). We've extracted the sound from our clips and added a track from Portishead. We've sped up and slowed down clips, we've cut and reversed and re-copied clips to create a "sampling" effect, we've created a storyboard... it's a silly little film, a trailer for a movie similar to "War of the Worlds" called "Teacher Invaders from Planet Confratute."

I have found my calling.


Blogger footwhere said...

I'm glad you found the wonders of a mini DV cam! I took a multimedia class right after my practicum and I love using my cam for making home movies and footage for my classes.

7:04 PM  
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