Sunday, July 03, 2005


Last night, I used TDF Vouchers to see Rain, a performance by the Cirque Eloize from Montreal.

They are only performing in New York until July 10, but if you get the chance, definitely go.

I'm sure they get compared to Cirque du Soleil a lot, being from Montreal and combining circus skills with mysterious lighting and modern dance and theater elements, but while Cirque du Soleil is beautifully over-the-top, this was more understated. The acts themselves are incredible: I swear I saw a man levitate last night, holding his entire body weight several feet off the ground just by holding another performer's hand. The aerial acts are spectacular. They truly make it look easy, while at the same time you never forget the risks of what they are doing because you can see the other performers spotting from below, and because the set is very minimal.

The introduction to the piece sets it up as a series of memories of childhood. I found the acts surprisingly evocative of different elements of consciousness - playfulness, loneliness, jealousy, nostalgia - without being overly conceptual. It's also quite often funny, playing with the feelings many of us have but don't easily admit to. And by the end, you truly like the charming characters and don't want them to leave.

Well, anyway, it's a good show.


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