Monday, August 15, 2005

Finding a Roommate

I am mired in the process of finding a roommate for September 1st, when my friend S. will be leaving (she got a job at South Street Seaport and will be working and living on boats for the next year!).

I posted my apartment on Craigslist and got 75 responses in 24 hours. Of those, I am meeting about 15 people in 4 days. It's like running auditions. I have the power - these people need apartments - but it's so artificial. We take the 1 minute tour of my apartment, then chit-chat about habits, pet peeves, financial matters, interests, etc. I'm lucky - I already have several very reasonable possible roommates - but I'm not sure how to make the final decision. I guess this is one for Malcolm Gladwell's "blink" ideas...

Adding irony or contrast is the fact the we have NOT ONE applicant for a science teacher position that opened up rather suddenly at my school. And we need to fill the position ASAP.


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