Thursday, September 29, 2005

What I love about sixth graders is...

that they greet you at the school door with arms outstretched, "Can I get a hug??? Pleeeeeeease???"

I got not one, but TWO hugs from children before 8:15 this morning. And I'm not a hug-y person, at least I'm pretty sure that's not the vibe I give off at work.

Also, when you want them to practice measuring, and you draw a funny-looking house and ask them to measure all the lines in centimeters and then decorate it, they don't realize that you just tricked them into measuring 20 lines, they just pick up their crayons and start drawing butterflies and flowers. And a dog house, labeled as such.


On another note, even when you know they won't be hurt much, even when you know it's what needs to happen, it is really no fun trying to figure out how to tell someone, well, you're just not that into them. Especially when you ARE into them, but not like THAT. Honesty is best, I guess, but what do you actually SAY?


What does "twee" mean (in relation to music, like "twee pop" ---?


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