Sunday, October 23, 2005


work on Halloween costume
answer kids' phone calls about the final drafts of their lab reports
plan robotics program
plan technology PD workshop
plan first week of 6th grade forces & motion unit
grade most of 30 quizzes
switch summer & winter clothes in & out of storage
take futon cover off futon to prepare to wash it after Valentine puked on it
attend robotics workshop
blog a LOT
pay bills
eat broccoli and kale & lots of candy & guacamole

call parents of misbehaving students (I just remember this a few minutes ago, eek!)
grade those quizzes completely
edit even one comic book or short story
finish up odds & ends grading
plan HS prep afterschool
revise plan for 7th grade natural resources unit or finish the unrevised plan
finish content area literacy book or even email relevant page references to Mr. Richter
wash futon cover
iron anything
read Mr. Richter's plan for upcoming plate tectonics unit
sleep enough
eat beets


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