Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Got a phone call from one of my former students, now a freshman in high school.

He wanted to say hi, and he also wanted to ask if I'd kept his portfolio from last year, because he has a project on cells due, and he thought he might be able to use his notes from last year. Unfortunately, I'd discarded any portfolios that the kids did not take home at the end of last year (of course, I kept a few sample pieces for myself).

This was a student with a lot of responsibility at home but an intense drive to succeed. Over the years, he convinced various adults to help him get free violin lessons and learn French on his own. At times, he neglected schoolwork in favor of these pursuits, but it's hard to blame a kid for practicing music rather than doing his homework! He seems to be blooming in high school. He got his first progress report, and has all grades 75% and higher, with a 90% in Science and an 87% in Humanities. He is motivated to improve the lower of the grades, and says he was overwhelmed at first but then he realized that all he had to do was study and do his assignments and he'd get good grades.

He's still playing the violin - received a scholarship for the third straight year - and skipped freshman French.

He sounds happy.

I am so proud.

He reported that another of our former students is also doing well, getting grades in the high 80's in Science, among other subjects. She wants to be a doctor, and has a hard struggle ahead of her to reach her goal, but I'm thrilled to hear that she is also being challenged and rising to meet that challenge.

I feel hopeful.


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