Tuesday, October 25, 2005

On the bright side...

I got all the 7th grade quizzes graded. They range from a perfect score (including the bonus question) to dismal. I was dreading computing the scores, but while I wish everyone had done well, I can live with this range in scores. It was clearly possible to do well on this quiz if you paid attention & studied.

I also commented on about 1/3 of the seventh grade projects. Sometimes the hardest part is starting. I confess, I'm a little intimidated by trying to give feedback on comic books... but I finished most of the short stories.

A newer teacher at my school, and one whom I do not talk to much, made a point of telling me today that our PD session yesterday was one of the best & most productive he'd ever attended! It's hard to explain how important that feedback was to me. I plan on leading more workshops for teachers over the course of my career, and I want to be sure that as I take on more leadership in this regard, I stay plugged in to what we - teachers - need & want.

We are having fun in the sixth grade, calculating how fast we can walk when "speedwalking" down the hallway. It will be their third lab report, the first about pendulums, the second about measurement, and this one about speed. It should be an easy one and a chance to solidify some of their inquiry & science-writing skills before things get harder. I have a stack of final drafts of the measurement lab reports to look at, but I suspect they are pretty good, so I'm actually eager to finish everything else so I can grade those.

Day 2 of the jigsaw went better than day 1, and the class that is one day behind went even better still, which means that some of the problems I had during day 1 had to do with my directions being unclear or incomplete. Full report in a day or two.


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