Tuesday, October 04, 2005

To Do

find evidence that a particular check was cancelled
sweep & mop apartment floors
plan Earth Science lessons
plan Physical Science lessons
random school-related data entry
pick up veggies from CSA
find good acorn squash recipe
pay bills
go to Fabulous Fannies and look at vintage eyeglass frames
call or email many different people who deserve phone calls or emails
wash dishes
buy cat food
attempt to rescue plants by pruning dead leaves and watering them thoroughly
resolve to do whatever it takes to keep plants alive in the future
post about not being a green thumb even though I'm a science teacher
grade Metric Art assignment
grade 6th grade lab reports
edit 7th grade lab reports
feel bad that my post from last night apparently makes me sound both ungrateful and against the Jewish holidays
think about the contract proposal, consider writing about it, get headache & high blood pressure


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