Thursday, October 13, 2005

To Do

Finish up Fulbright Teacher Exchange application
Lesson plans
Enter "paycheck" data into spreadsheet
Take winter clothes out of storage and put summer clothes in
3-hole punch teacher stuff and put in binders
Clean room


Why is it inevitable that just when one thing you've wanted for a long time seems to be about to happen, so does another, mutually exclusive thing?

I guess the appropriate answer on a day like today would be, "When it rains, it pours."


From Wockerjabby:
two beats later, about five of them caught the unintentional pun and started cracking up. the rest started giggling in echo. and I, thrilled to be standing in the company of thirty-something people (especially these adolescent people, noisy and brash, decked out in their spiked hair and blinking jewelry) who found happiness in a scientific double entendre, laughed too. plus, convection is hot.


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