Monday, November 10, 2003

Dear Ms. Frizzle,

Ms. Frizzle, I know you will try your best to put us in a group right for us, but (even though you have repeated this many times) please, please, please can I work by myself for the Science Expo? The reason for this is that I don't really want to work with the people that are left. I don't know any of them much and I wouldn't feel comfortable working with them. And I could promise you that I could do equally or better than a group by me working solitarity. I'm only asking. But please consider.

Evelyn Velazquez*

P.S. To be fair if Maria comes for the Science Expo, I will be her partner.

Submitted on Winnie-the-Pooh stationery, in beautiful script. Easily the most eloquent such letter I have ever received. I feel her pain, but I'm still making her work with a partner (for this project).

*pseudonym, of course


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