Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Ms. Frizzle's Christmas List

Dear Santa,

I've been a good teacher this year, really, I have. I've worked hard to design coherent, interesting, important, and informative units. I've graded hundreds of papers. I've put together a parent newsletter. I've had kids in for extra help at lunch. I've done my best to be kind, patient, supportive, and provide many opportunities for students to learn Physical Science.

Santa, I was hoping you'd consider parking the reindeer on the roof of my building in the Bronx on that chilly December night, and leaving a package or two for my school. We don't have a tree, 'cause we're a public school, but you could leave the presents under the world map or next to my desk. Heck, I'll even leave extra milk & cookies for you at my place (wouldn't want to attract mice to my classroom) if you'll just stop by.

My Christmas wishlist:

A subscription (or two or three) to World magazine for kids.
A subscription (or two or three) to Cricket magazine for kids.
A subscription (or two or three) to Ranger Rick magazine for kids.

A small printer (or two or three) so we can't print in the classroom rather than down the hall! And some ink cartridges to go with it. Something we can network easily would be best, other than that, almost any printer would do - inkjet, laser, personal, business, black & white, color...

Thanks for thinking of us, Santa!

Ms. Frizzle
(& colleagues)


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