Friday, January 02, 2004

Back to Work...

Happy New Year! I'll let you know how long it takes me to remember the correct year on the chalkboard each morning...

Today, it's back to work for me. Not back to teaching, yet, but time to sit down with the textbooks and a calendar and start putting together a coherent chemistry unit. I have been procrastinating like crazy. Yesterday, I did virtually nothing: almost nothing fun, and definitely nothing productive. That's the worst, most frustrating kind of day. I did watch Pirates of the Caribbean, that's why I said almost nothing fun. Pirates of the Caribbean, incidentally, includes a scene very similar to one of the experiments that I may do with my students, so maybe I can count it as both fun AND productive?! The scene in question is when Captain Jack Sparrow and Will Turner escape by running out to sea, breathing the air trapped under a boat. I don't know whether 2 people could actually do that, but I do know that you can lower a cup into a bucket of water and trap the air in the cup.

No more blogging for me today, gotta get some work done, savvy?


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