Monday, March 22, 2004

Last Minute -or- Days Until the Science Expo: 1

Last minute editing, last minute printing, last minute cutting, pasting, gluing. Last minute petering out of wireless internet signal. Last minute buying of display board from teacher. Last minute taking home of display boards to finish for homework.
Last minute after-school phone call (parents audible in background) to ask if its okay to bring in samples of eggs wrapped up in different kinds of materials and drop them as a demonstration in front of the judges. Last minute (skeptical) permission from teacher to drop eggs in front of judges providing that enough newspaper covers the floor.* Last minute planning at Monday staff meeting, reviewing tomorrow's schedule and use of space step-by-step, making sure that food for students and judges has been organized, assigning roles to all, planning staff celebration for afterwards. Last minute revision of judging form, last minute creation of certificates since the other awards (Janice VanCleeves books of science experiments) have not yet arrived. Last minute changes to the assignment which students must complete in order to focus their attention when they look at other students' projects. And then... a good night's sleep, get up early tomorrow, big day, cross fingers!

*I cannot say no to enthusiasm.


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