Thursday, June 10, 2004

Ms. Frizzle's Newest Friend

Busy day today: took a break from video-land today for a lesson on kinetic and potential energy, began a fun lab involving more marbles and gumballs, this time rolling down an incline, and even managed to fit in a Robin Williams moment: I stood on my chair in class!

It was the most dramatic method I could think of to show how potential energy increases with height.

I asked the kids to imagine me and my sumo-wrestler friend each standing on a diving board. Who has the most potential energy?

The sumo wrestler, since he has greater mass, and we're at the same height.

What will happen to our energy when we do cannonballs off the diving boards?

It will change into kinetic energy.

What change will we see as a result of all this energy?

A big splash!

Who will cause the most change?

The sumo wrestler!


Because he has the most energy.


And now it's off to make pies. I'm turning 26 tomorrow. I'm having a joint birthday party with my friend Wendy, whose birthday is today. Wendy is an awesome cook, and is making a fancy cake.


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