Monday, August 02, 2004

Even adults like playing with blocks! This is another Friday share lesson, called "Monster Dogs." First, we built the Single Dog that you see in the foreground. Then the teacher who was sharing challenged us to double all dimensions and build the Double Dog. It was harder than you might think - a lot of people started out doubling only one or two dimensions of the dog. The easiest strategy for most of us was to build cubes that were already doubled in all dimensions, then attach those to each other following the dog pattern. You can see the Double Dog's legs (three of them) behind my Single Dog. We never got to Triple Dog or any of the others (DecaDog?). Scale is hard for children; this activity would allow you to explore what it means to scale up a three-dimensional figure, and what happens to length, surface area, and volume when you double the dog. Other teachers suggested starting with a simpler figure than the dog when doing this activity with children. Perhaps the dog could be a challenge or even an assessment. Posted by Hello


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