Wednesday, August 11, 2004


for all the kale and giant cucumber recipe suggestions. Keep 'em coming!

I am a little stressed out by the sheer amount of produce in my fridge -the stuffed zucchini that I made last night provided dinner tonight, too... I am going to chop up a lot of the plums, apples, and nectarines and make a fruit salad to have on hand for snacks and breakfast. In future weeks I will probably not take everything that my share entitles me to take, just what I think is realistic to eat. I asked the CSA intern what happens to leftover food, and she said it just gets stored in the Community Center's fridge for anyone to take. I suspect that whether I take it or leave it won't make much difference in where it ends up - my guess is that stuff left in their fridge often goes bad. She said some people offer extra food to their neighbors.

I had a busy day - three posts ahead!


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