Friday, October 08, 2004

6:05 am, my head

C'mon, get out of bed. You're running out of time to get ready.

But I don't feel good!

Enough whining. Get moving!

All I need is another five hours of sleep and I could totally kick this cold. Let me stay home, just this once.

Go to school. You always regret staying home. You'll wake up in a few hours and feel silly and left out of things and you'll miss the other teachers and the kids.

Yeah, but for once my lesson is something another teacher could do, not an experiment. I could stay home and rest and the kids wouldn't fall behind...

If your lesson is easy for someone else to do, it will be easy for you to do. And it's Friday; you have all weekend to rest. Sit up... put your legs over the side of the bed... stand up.

Oh, all right...

And I went to school. And it was totally manageable, but I'm still not feeling well.


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