Saturday, December 11, 2004

A couple of (new-ish) teacher blogs....

I found Mr. Babylon through a comment he left on my website. He tells stories of things that happen in his ESL class at a large Bronx high school - I'm pretty sure it's fairly close to my school. His school made the list of most violent & dangerous schools in the city. He's looking for more teacher blogs that aren't as "wick wick" as mine... I suspect it makes me even more wick wick that I don't really know what that means. So I'm not going to take it personally, LOL!

And then there's Education at the Brink, written by a teacher in Texas, focused on ed policy, mostly. He writes well. I would describe it in more detail, but honestly, I haven't been reading too many blogs lately because there just isn't time, so I'm not sure I could give a fair review of this one.

There are other blogs out there that I need to add to my links. Maybe during Christmas break.


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