Friday, February 25, 2005

To do, did, done.

  • Buddy Miller concert
  • brunch with aforementioned teacher-friend - cancelled!
  • yoga every weekday - twice so far
  • host Saturday night get-together at Uncle Ming's with my friend W.
  • Williamsburg Spelling Bee
  • plan unit on plants - started
  • sketch out the rest of the year's curriculum
  • revise 6th and 7th grade health curricula
  • plan drama class production of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory - went through play and divided it up into smaller pieces based on entrances & exits
  • file taxes
  • grade student's invertebrates lessons - and started to make up test on inverts
  • plan afterschool high school prep class
  • research middle school advisories (if you work at a middle school or high schools that does advisories, drop me a line - I have questions for you!)
  • clean my room - filed & organized some stuff
  • spend some gift card money at Macy's on a weekday when it will be less crazy
  • go to the MOMA - also went to Dahesh Museum
  • brunch in Jackson Hts. at the Indian diner there - went elsewhere for brunch, Jackson Hts. this weekend?
  • watch/read at the Bowery Poetry Club Urbana slam
  • discuss Macbeth with my newly-formed book group
  • finish reading Snow, an amazing book by a Turkish author (thanks, Tim) - read about 100 more pages
  • um, blog
  • go back and see the Gates again - well, sort of
  • watch science films like Microcosmos, Plant Reproduction, and The Miracle of Life
  • sleep - apparently I'm no longer tired enough to sleep


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