Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Creeping June

The lovely thing about June is that the daylight suddenly lasts so long into the night that one can end up losing all grasp of time. By the time it gets dark, I have to go to bed, usually before I've even turned on my computer. I'd rather be outside, or sacked out on the couch in front of the AC.

Less lovely is the stifling heat, though I still maintain that I'd take this over January's bitter cold any day. After I finish this entry, I'm going to order a window fan and have it delivered to school tomorrow. It has been so hot that we actually changed the dress code to allow shorts (knee-length) and sandals (must have a strap in the back).

Another lovely thing about June in New York is that everything becomes public. Yesterday, I sat in Tompkins Square Park for a couple of hours figuring out the Health grades and listening to some guys playing blues guitar & harmonica and singing. A small crowd gathered. No one wanted to leave.

Less lovely is that everything becomes public. Less lovely is the crankiness that people bring with them onto the sidewalks and into the subways. Less lovely are the smells. I will leave all this to your imagination for now.

Valentine has been shedding a small kitten's worth of fur every day. It drifts against the furniture and dances in front of the fan. When I come home, she brushes against my sweaty legs and leaves me covered in hair. Ewww.

There are fewer than ten school days left. May flew by. June is creeping. Each day is an eternity. I actually caught myself thinking, today, Tuesday, "Thank goodness the weekend is coming up." Oops.


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