Thursday, June 09, 2005

For those who want an update...

I don't have much good news. The doctors tell us it is more than likely that my colleague will be at least partially paralyzed. We are focusing on the smaller probability that he will not, that it is temporary, and on the fact that he is alive. We are continuing to support the family. We have posted the position and will probably interview candidates for it next week. I am slowly remembering the little routines of being a homeroom teacher, and we are all covering classes. I played "Dictionary" with a sixth grade ELA class today and had them help clean up the classroom, which was quickly getting messy with so many different teachers in and out and no ownership of the space. It felt really good to do something physical like throwing out trash and organizing desks - the kids were really good for the rest of the period, so I think they felt it, too. Everyone at school has a new interest in knowing more about the brain. It boggles my mind how such a little event - just a fall, really - can have such enormous consequences. It's best to keep my mind in the present; the really hard questions can't be answered yet, anyway. And we all find ourselves saying "Get home safe" at even the briefest departure.


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