Sunday, June 12, 2005

Things That Happened This Weekend

One trip to a fancy restaurant, 'inoteca, for dessert & wine, one discovery that rose (imagine a little accent over the e) wines are perfect for those 98 degrees, 100% humidity days, one serenade of my friend W. by the cute Italian-looking bartender because Friday was her birthday, one hour (or two) spent dancing at this party and a few minutes spent on the roof with a couple hundred hipsters and a lot of pot smoke, one trip uptown to the leafy coolness of the Cloisters, one Ethiopian dinner because it's hotter in Ethiopia than it is here (though possibly less humid), one evening spent dancing, chatting, and sipping mojitos with a whole lot of friends, one visit from my lil sister, one discovery of a new favorite band, Stars, one so-so brunch at a place with one lush, vine-draped oasis of a garden, one surprise pedicure with two amazing friends, one phone call to tell me that my colleague can talk, a little, one call from a student asking if he can do a brochure instead of a poster for his project because his printer isn't working, one evening to come spent looking up frog dissections... life is good.


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