Saturday, June 04, 2005

Where I am in life...

I'm having a little trouble with motivation of late. OK, I'm having a LOT of trouble with motivation. It's not just the pile of clothes that have been sitting on my chair since I washed and folded them last week or the fact that I don't feel like grading sixty Reebops assignments: I don't even feel motivated to do fun things, like go to First Saturday or go shopping for the new computer I'm buying myself for my birthday or go shopping for a, um, prom dress (ok, it's not a prom, it's a graduation dance, but still!). Hell, I barely even blogged this week! Anyway, I'm trying not to empower these feelings by giving them too much importance in my mind. I'm taking a "this too will pass" attitude towards it all and dragging myself to as many of these things as I can because once I'm there, I almost always have fun.

Last night, I went out and met two other teacher bloggers at a pub. We chatted and had a couple of drinks (the place had Old Speckled Hen! my favorite!) and a lot of french fries. Talking to a teacher who moved here from out of town to do the Teaching Fellows and is finding the city a bit isolating, reminded me of myself during my first year here.

So today, I'm surfing around and find this:

Gemini: This is a good day to review where you are in life and whether you are headed in the direction you desire. Strengthen your plans if you are, and implement a course-correction if you are not.

Am I on the right course? I think I am, looking at the big picture, but I don't feel all that comfortable in my own skin right now. I've decided to strengthen my plans. I made a list of all the things I want & need to get done this weekend, and I'm working on attacking the list, one item at a time.


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