Friday, July 08, 2005

Mad Expensive Ballroom

I called the good people at American Ballroom Theater today, to ask if they would bring their ballroom dance program to my school next year. It seems like a good fit - structured yet fun, integrates the arts, promotes respectful social interactions, and will help us solve our PE problem.

What PE problem? Oh, the one where they decide to renovate the gym space and make some of it a cafeteria and some of it a better gym, good goals but unfortunately not goals they can complete during a single summer. So lord only knows where we will be holding PE classes next year. Luckily, the dance program can be held in smaller spaces and without the presence of basketball hoops.

Let me emphasize that these are good people, friendly, prompt in returning my call, extremely enthusiastic about their program - I got a good feeling about them in every way.

And best of all, they are starting a program for 8th graders next year! It's 20 sessions for $2200 - which works out to $110 per session, which is about $4 per child. The bottom line is that to have all our 8th graders participate would cost $6600.

So the other (dancing) shoe drops.

Our budget has been generous for the last three years, because we were a new school, receiving start up funds. I don't know the details yet, but the word from my principal and our dean is that it's not pretty.

Anyone have $6000? For that matter, anyone have $3000?

Looks like I'll be searching for small arts grants on Monday.


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