Thursday, August 25, 2005

A Blow to My Faith in Humanity

It was only 8 am, and already I'd almost been hit by a car (while crossing the street, in a crosswalk, with the walk signal) and had been called 10 times in less than 15 minutes by a candidate for a teaching position (turns out she was lost, but I couldn't take her call because it was loud on the bus, and she just kept calling and calling and calling...). I thought the day could only get better.

Ha ha ha.

Thirty laptops were stolen from a cart in one of our classrooms this summer. The classroom teacher was organizing his room and realized that the keys to the laptop cart were missing... and then took a look in the cart - empty.

That's something like $50,000 in computer equipment.

And almost certainly an inside job.

We were gone from mid-July to mid-August, and during this time, pretty much only the custodians were in the building. They were cleaning our floors and had to move stuff around in our classrooms to do so. Innocent until proven guilty, but it seems really likely that one or more members of the custodial staff stole the computers. It was really stupid of the teacher to have left the keys in his classroom with the cart - he should have locked them up in a filing cabinet, taken them home, or given them to our principal, but they should not have been in that room where anyone could come across them. But we all make mistakes, and we just have to learn from this one. Blaming him doesn't bring back the computers.

We are filing a police report, but it is unlikely that we will get the computers back. If we're lucky, the dept. of education may have an insurance policy to help replace them.

It kills me to know that someone in the building is being all nicey-nicey to our faces, and laughing at us behind our backs, and bragging to their friends, and spending all the money they got from stealing from a public school.

But hey, no one's dead; laptops are just stuff. It sucks, but we'll deal, like we deal with everything else.


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