Friday, October 28, 2005

Two halloween parties tonight...

and another one tomorrow, and I am so not in a party mood. At parties, you have to talk to people. I talked to people all week.

I said things like, "My floor is covered with water... again," and, "Punching Arnold in class was not a good choice, even if it IS his birthday and he told you to," and "Put the ball away or I will have to take it away," and "I warned you, now I have to take it away," and "You're not in trouble, but I would like to know why Sheila is crying," and "Even if you think it's resolved, I'd still like a summary of what happened that would make her so upset," and "If you're not actually measuring anything, please put the ruler flat on the desk," and "Do you have a class list for my robotics program?" and "Which member of the group read the section on fossil fuels?" and "I specifically said to check whether your printer was working before you started typing..."

Oh yeah, I've talked a lot this week.

And I would really like to go out, get a falafel platter, rent a movie, wrap a blanket around myself,* and just curl up for the night. But these are the kinds of parties that are an investment in friendships and community, the kind that are more fun once you get there than you imagined they'd be when you were sitting at home wanting to get take out falafel and rent a movie... So I have to get my costume together and get out the door.

It's cold out, too. Have you noticed how being cold kind of makes everything seem brittle?

*Irony of ironies, while the school radiator is pumping spectacular quantities of heat and hot water into my room and onto my floor, the radiator in my apartment building is broken - but at least they are fixing it tonight...


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