Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Things I like...

*Hearing from another teacher that my students are telling her, "Ms. Frizzle always tricks us into doing lab reports! She says, 'oh, you'll see, don't worry,' when we're doing the experiment, then the next day she gives us an assignment sheet!" Yep, that's me, always got an assignment up my sleeve.

*Pretty much everything at Esprit. Someone in their design department tapped into my consciousness; I like it all. The sparkly sweaters. The little black dresses. The jeans. Well, everything except the slouchy 80's t-shirts and those weird little half-sweaters. Did I mention the corduroys? And the fancy tops? Santa, are you listening?

*Heart-openers. We had a substitute yoga-teacher today, which normally throws me off - you have to get used to the new person's way of explaining poses - but she was awesome! I love Betsy, my normal Tuesday teacher, but I think I was getting into a rut with her classes. This was a whole new sequence of poses and all stuff I really needed. My shoulders and back are all stretched out. This showed me that I might need to switch to a different class for a while for a change of pace. I wonder what the implications are for our kids, who see us, the same old teachers, day-in and day-out?

*Free time! Now it's Mr. Richter's turn to teach two seventh grade Science classes, while I only have one! This means I have more free time than I'm supposed to, which makes up for the last 10 weeks, when I had less than I was supposed to. It all balances out in the end, but boy am I happier now. I got two bulletin boards put up, graded all the remaining sixth grade lab reports, and am even thinking about applying for a Toyota Tapestry Mini-grant. I have time to think about helping our new teachers, helping Mr. Richter, actually having the energy to do the various leadership-stuff that I'm supposed to do around my school.

*I solved the mystery of the missing Legos. Turns out, as I suspected, that nothing is missing. The kids building the boat messed up and made it the wrong size, which meant they used a bunch of the wrong pieces. I spent an hour after school today taking apart the boat and putting it back together myself, and discovered the problem. I built it to about the same point they had, and will talk to them about it and let them finish the rest. Those Lego instruction diagrams can be confusing, though if the kids had paid a wee bit more attention to detail they would have caught the problem themselves. It's something we can discuss. Anyway, this problem solved plus the fact that I ordered a whole bunch more batteries ought to really help make our next session (a week from Thursday) more fun & productive. Did I mention how much I love having more free time? I feel like I can do my job really well, not just pretty well.

*Getting books of team-building & problem-solving activities in the mail!

*My friends got engaged! It wasn't a surprise or anything, but... yay!

*My radiator has been working and has not leaked for TWO WEEKS STRAIGHT. Granted, it's a little warm in my room - okay, boiling hot - but at least there's no flooding.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enough of the chit-chat when can I see some pics of you HOTT mama!!!

12:18 AM  
Blogger Nancy said...

LOL. Frizz, you have a fan. Anyway, glad things are looking up! I'll see YOU at the happy hour. It's become the highlight of my week (even the week hasn't started yet!). Have a good holiday.

4:28 PM  
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