Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Sure, it might be a small study, nothing conclusive yet, but this is by far the biggest news of the day, in terms of its implications for Earth's climate systems: Study Shows Weakening of Atlantic Currents. This is one piece in the scenario that leads to an Ice Age, or at least, a significant and potentially devastating, cooling trend. What is it going to take for the US to do our part to slow global climate change?


Blogger Polski3 said...

Not to mention those belching factories in the People's Republic of China. Their recent spill into the river near Harbin will be piddly compared to the pollution they will produce with all their US dollars. Its NOT just the US!

12:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, there will always be other countries to point to to justify our own lack of leadership. I thought that is what great powers did, lead. But no, it might cost money.

On to the issue. We should be usingt the term, global climate change, instead of just global warming. Global warming is only one aspect of the global climate change driven by global warming. While the earth is undoubtedly getting warmer, this warming will manifest itself in counter intuitive and unpredictable ways. A colder Europe is one of them. A hundred year drought in our grain belt is a real possibility.

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Anonymous Chaz said...

The last time this happened was in the 1400s (the little ice age) in Europe. i don't think we had belching factories, benzene spills, or George Bush? The Atlantic Ocean thermal conveyer belt has always had some variability associated with it.

I do believe global warming by humans is occuring, I am very skeptical that you can attribute this to Global Warming based upon 5 scattered years of data. It doesn't stand up as a hypothesis.

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