Tuesday, November 29, 2005

You thought your teachers had it all pulled together, but...

in reality, they planned things like honor roll ceremonies the day before, frantically designing awards certificates, learning to mail merge* the names into them, printing them out, checking to make sure no one was missing, and getting teachers to sign them... all in a couple of preps and an hour or two after school. Or at least, that's how I went about planning tomorrow's awards ceremony. It's pretty casual; we are gathering the kids in the auditorium during homeroom, congratulating them, and handing out certificates. Next marking period, now that we've mastered the art of the mail merge and the certificates are complete with cheesy subject-related clip art, we will invite parents and have an honors breakfast before the event.

And if all goes well, another generation of kids will think that these ceremonies were carefully planned over weeks leading up to the end of the marking period... LOL.

*I did it! It's actually quite easy.


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