Sunday, October 12, 2003

Teaching Dream

I had a dream about teaching last night. It was the first day of "SkyHigh," my afterschool HS Prep program. First, I was planning to give a practice test as an assessment, but I didn't have any copies made. Then, for some bizarre reason, a whole bunch of other teachers decided to attend the class, ostensibly because they found the content interesting and had never really learned how to find the perimeter of a circle. Of course, I welcomed them since they were all trusted colleagues. That was a big mistake. They hijacked the course! The kids could barely get a word in edgewise, the teachers were talking so much, asking so many questions, and discussing my pedagogical decisions constantly. I was about to start the kids working on a problem where you have to organize five sentences into a paragraph. Another teacher jumped in and took over the teaching, doing the activity in a way that I would never have done it! When I complained, they all ganged up and told me it wasn't that interesting anyway.... and that's the last thing I remember from my dream. My next dream had something to do with me quitting a job writing instructional manuals for boomboxes.


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