Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Parable: On Knowing When NOT to Follow Orders

Petey approaches the teacher's desk during the first five minutes of class, and starts to ask a question.

"Why are you not in your seat with your hand raised?" demands the teacher.

"I want to ask you something..."

"Go sit down and raise your hand!"

Behind Petey is Veronica, the kind of girl who knows what the rules are, and generally follows them in letter and in spirit. She, too, starts to say something.

"Veronica, why are YOU out of your seat? You know what you're supposed to do when you have a question!" the teacher reprimands her, sharply.

"I have something important to tell you!"

"That's fine, but you still need to sit down and raise your hand before you say it!"

"No, I mean, I have something really important to tell you!"


"All right, go ahead, what is it?"

Veronica signals her teacher to bend down closer, and whispers,

"Ms. Frizzle, your fly is open."


So many children would have gone back to their seats, raised their hands, and called out the news for all to hear. Some would have done it out of spite, and others because that's what their teacher said to do. Thank goodness for those who know when to stick to their sense of what should & should not be done!


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