Friday, January 02, 2004


Okay. I have an outline of lessons for the next three weeks, and the momentum to plan a few more weeks after that. I've decided to focus on mass, volume, and density, then the phases (states)* of matter, then mixtures, solutions, etc. That should take us solidly to February vacation.... The problem is that my head is awfully congested, has been since before the vacation, and everytime I sit down to concentrate on something like this, I end up with a splitting headache. And just how much TheraFlu should one person consume in a week? Also, I suspect it's not a good idea to combine the TheraFlu with nasal spray... the nasal spray alone makes me feel slightly high. Maybe that was Too Much Information for y'all. Sorry.

*I learned it as the phases of matter, but my kids' textbook says states of matter... I've certainly seen it both ways in various places. Is there a subtle difference, or is it just a matter of preference? Chemistry folks?


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