Thursday, March 25, 2004


Now that I'm not on the Blogger main page anymore, I've been able to really see where people come from to get to my page. I turn up quite high in a number of google searches. Thanks to this post, probably 5-10 people a day find my blog while searching for the color code chart for jelly bracelets. Lately, a bunch of people have found my site while looking for "Bronx middle schools" or "best Bronx middle schools," which made me worry that a parent looking for a school for his or her child might find my blog and see all the dirty laundry of my school... that would be bad. Parents looking for good middle schools in the Bronx tend to be On A Mission, so they just might be able to figure out what school I'm writing about.

But this is my favorite search ever, just a few minutes ago:

poems about father and son working together to build a racecar

I am the ninth hit for this search. Hmmm.


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