Sunday, March 28, 2004

I Am the Cheese

I am chevres!
Cheese Test: What type of cheese are you?

I found this at Folkbum, which I was reading because I Speak of Dreams drew my attention Folkbum's idea:

Go to the Ecosystem, pick the lowliest of the Insignificant Microbes--in other words, the blog in last place!--and link to it with something nice to say about it.

Personally, I'm gonna skip the niceness requirement.

The bottom of the ecosystem when I visited was Wild Blue Yonder, who just named her extremely cute puppy "Dubya" and meant it as a compliment. Poor dog.

Well, that was disappointing. So I looked around in the Lowly Microbes and clicked on a few others that sounded interesting, until I found Might Makes Right, a blog written from a wife to her husband in Afghanistan. She's smart & hard to pin down into any of the usual categories. Here's a snippet:

But, seriously, I am the last person to ask for good wishes or karma or prayers or whatever. In fact, I'm willing to lay down good hard monopoly money that if I did indeed pray for you, you would inexplicably become stricken with some fatal disease or find your lover in flagrante with a goat in lederhosen, two vagrants, and some Cheez-its. So, I will do everyone a favor and keep my good wishes to myself.

I like this idea and hope it spreads! There are so many people out there starting blogs, and some of them have great stuff to say, but there aren't enough ways for newbies to get exposure and build an audience.


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