Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Ready as we'll ever be...

Clipboards and judging forms - check.
Memo to teachers with schedule for the day - check.
Judges lined up - check.
Parents invited - check.
People from the Region invited - check.
Gifts for judges & prizes for students purchased and accidently delivered to my house instead of school, thus necessitating that I carry a large plastic bag full of 9 "Pop Bottle Science" kits and 10 small boxes of chocolates on the 5 train this morning - check.
Numbers written on index cards to label each project - check.
Spreadsheet listing all projects - check.
Permission slips to stay for the evening session distributed and collected - check.

Student projects finished - well, almost. The eighth graders have pulled it together during the last two days and I am gratified to note that their aesthetic skills have come SO far since sixth grade. Nevertheless, tonight will be a late night for many of them, I predict. I have very little idea of how the sixth & seventh grade projects are coming along but I am slowly accepting that whatever happens, happens, and we will all learn from it. I know the two new teachers have a lot of reflections on the process, and therefore we will improve each year that we do this.

Wish us luck!


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