Thursday, March 17, 2005


I think spring is here... or almost here. Don't say it too loudly, though, or you'll scare it away! I had an iced chai to celebrate. By the time I finished drinking it, the evening was too cold for iced chai.

And because spring may be here, or just around the corner, instead of discussing my day - a midnight anxiety attack about how on Earth the science expo is going to happen, the discovery that the eighth graders basically ignored all the instructions I gave them for rewriting their science expo lab reports, the sprouting of the FastPlants sometime between first and third periods (really!), one oddly frustrating meeting at Tweed about restructuring middle schools, my first yoga class in three weeks* - I give you the First Geeky Quiz of Spring, courtesy of a schoolyard blog:

I am a d12

Take the quiz at

I DO like the dodecahedron best. It is a nice combination of not-too-square, not-too-round. I don't play fantasy games, though, which made my answers to a lot of the questions a bit hit-or-miss.

*It is so easy to forget how good it feels to do something nice for your body & spirit.


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