Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Sharing a Building

Yesterday I walked down four flights of stairs with 30 sixth graders to "our" "scheduled" PE space only to discover that the elementary school had decided - without notifying us in advance - to use the space for class pictures, so I made the on-the-spot decision to use the (at that moment unoccupied) space next door ("their" gym) for stretching and then take the kids outside (since it was still chilly out and naturally they didn't have their jackets with them). Then the PE teacher from the other school - part of a team of PE teachers who refuse to let us use an currently-empty closet next to "our" gym, thus ensuring that all equipment - nets, balls, etc. - must be carried up & down those four flights of stairs every single time we have a PE class - approaches me and tells me I need to leave her space. So I say - and perhaps there was an undertone of frustration to my response - that we are on our way outside but that we don't schedule our picture day for their space and it would be very helpful if we at least were warned in advance the next time they schedule theirs for our space. Later that day word reaches me that I was "very rude" to a teacher from the elementary school over something that happened involving the gym.

Oh, and have I mentioned that for two hours a week for the last 6+ months (not to mention the entire 02-03 school year) my PE classes have been disrupted repeatedly by streams of screaming elementary school students running across our basketball games and attempting to pull down our volleyball nets, and I have said nothing, maybe at the most scowled? And have I mentioned that our children walk in straight lines quickly & quietly past their PE classes, never knocking over any equipment and doing their absolute best to avoid bumping into the whirling, screaming, wrestling children? And that when a couple of our children DID bother their children, I immediately took action?

But hey, I probably was rude.

(I'm home today due to an appointment that simply could not be scheduled at any time outside of school hours for the next two months).


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