Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Secrets (the good kind)

So, I have this friend, and my friend is a teacher, and she has a blog. And for the last several weeks, this friend of mine has been keeping a really marvelous secret, and she's finally decided to share it with the world. And today, she got to see and hear her little secret for the first time. So, go tell her congratulations and good luck!


And by the way, posting about how awesome your day was and how great the kids are and how natural teaching feels is just asking for the next day to suck. Nothing so awful happened, it was just one of those days when things that should have been easy really didn't work, no one could understand - let alone follow - the simplest of directions, and I flirted with a headache all day, only to have it become a monster in the middle of yoga class. You know sometimes you feel like every part of your body is out of sorts - not sleeping right, eating ok but not great, lots of pinchy stressful knots? Yeah. I think it's fall-out from being sick and the start of school. Oh well. Tomorrow can only get better.


And did I mention that Nicole is going to have a baby???!!! LOL.


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