Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Good news about Robotics!

I got our IR Tower working, loaded the firmware, even loaded a program as a test. It turns out that I had to install Robolab while logged in as an administrator, in order for all the separate parts of the program to install properly. (I'm still a little confused about why it didn't work from my laptop, though, but since it's working from a school laptop, I think I'll just be grateful and not worry about it... this week. I am so relieved; Robotics tomorrow promises to go much more smoothly. It is still astonishing how much prep time is required, even by a coach determined to keep prep time to an absolute minimum (ie, have the kids do everything).

Also, a big package of batteries arrived today, which I ordered from a supplier that offered a special deal to FLL teams. We won't be lacking for batteries for quite a while, if ever.


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