Monday, January 05, 2004

First Day, Frazzled Frizzle

Tasks to be accomplished this week:

1. Collect student projects. Some are models. Some are brochures. Some are presentations. Some are saved on laptops with no disk drives and no networked printers. Some kids were sick/on vacation when the project was "due" (the day before vacation).

2. Give each child his/her eChalk email account and teach the students how to send an email with their documents attached. Give students enough time to find & send me their projects if they are saved on aforementioned laptops.

3. Finish writing bibliographies and collect those via email. Pray that inbox does not crash.

4. Teach students rudiments of measuring mass using triple beam balance.

5. Find new (less sadistic) dentist, get tooth fixed (source of headaches & extreme anxiety, since I have never had a toothache before, nor even a childhood cavity). My current dentist did not notice the tears streaming down my face during teeth-cleaning.

6. Buy about 5 dozen eggs and begin South Beach Diet, not in order to lose weight, but to support boyfriend's effort to lose weight. Suffer through two weeks without any carbohydrates! Attempt to reduce mondo carbohydrate cravings....


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