Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Juggling/Tree Pose

Not sure why the last two weeks at work have been so stressful. All I know is, I feel constantly like I'm on the verge of everything falling apart. I feel like I'm juggling too many balls, and while they are all in the air now, it is taking every ounce of energy to keep them there. And to add to the stress, everyone around me is also juggling and right on the edge of everything crashing to the floor.

Or it's like that moment in yoga class when you're trying to balance in tree pose by looking at one point straight ahead, only right in front of you where your eyes fall is another yogi, wobbling on one foot, and to each side of you, another, and it seems like it would be so easy to stay in balance if only everyone else weren't falling all over themselves... except that you also know that balance is internal, and you might be wobbling even if you were on your own...


Anyway, I don't want to post about school. It was a stressful day. So instead, let me mention briefly that my friend just made the most lovely vichysoisse, nearly worthy of that fancy french name for "leek & potato soup," and I made a raisin, apple, and cabbage slaw... yum.


Blogger Tidy Bowl said...

I hear ya, Ms. Frizzle...

I am student-teaching this year in a Kansas City-area 4th grade classroom, and I can't tell you many times I ask myself why I went into teaching. I force myself so often to remember all the things I love about teaching - how rewarding it is when a student grasps a concept, or to get a hug from a student. But, I love my students to death, but some days, I just want to bop my students over the head. It's unbelievable how much they expect teachers to do nowadays.

Tidy Bowl

10:58 PM  
Blogger 2old4this said...

I enjoy reading your posts...just remember during the days/weeks/months you feel on the verge of a meltdown that you are fortunate to have a f/t teaching job. Many areas are experiencing layoffs and declining enrollment. I'm currently subbing because there are no teaching jobs in my area and my husband is firmly rooted here and umwilling to leave.

11:36 AM  

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